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October 20th, 2013 in IUWMS 642-747 Go to comments

Please share with us your experience after taking the IUWMS 642-747 exam, your materials, the way you learned, your recommendations… But please DO NOT share any information about the detail of the exam or your personal information, your score, exam date and location, your email…

Your posts are warmly welcome!

Please don’t ask for links to download copyright materials here…

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  1. manir
    February 8th, 2016


    I need urgent help. I have actualtest 164q v6.1 but I just came across that this dump is invalid.

    Anyone please send me the valid one. Please! Please! Please!


  2. Fritzie
    February 17th, 2016

    Please help to send the latest dump. Thank you.

    {email not allowed}

  3. Fritzie
    February 17th, 2016

    {email not allowed}

  4. Fritzie
    February 18th, 2016

    can anyone still confirm if the 179q is still valid?

  5. Fritzie
    February 19th, 2016

    pls send latest dump. Thank you.

    {email not allowed}

  6. Leif
    February 29th, 2016

    Please send me 179Q or a link to {email not allowed}.

  7. Leif
    February 29th, 2016

    Please send me 179Q or a link to

    diabo AT lycos.com

  8. Leif
    February 29th, 2016

    Sorry it’s: diabo999 AT lycos.com

  9. Haneen
    March 6th, 2016

    Hi all ,

    i took this exam twice , the first time at 10/12/2015 and i didn’t know yet that 164Q dump is not valid anymore so i failed :(

    i took it again in January but i studied the quick guide and the ipexpert videos and i failed again , about 8 questions are not from the material ! this is a shame on wireless .

    i took a note for about more than 50 questions i got but am not sure about the correct answers , i think the passleader dump is incorrect , does anyone have any idea about any valid new dump or anyone passed this recently ?

    if so please send to my email {email not allowed}

  10. Haneen
    March 6th, 2016

    sorry my email is haneenqaderi AT yahoo.com

  11. Leif
    March 7th, 2016

    Both 164Q and 179Q are invalid. I failed in December and 10-20 questions are not in the Quick Guide, IPExpert, 164Q or 179Q.

  12. Paul
    March 8th, 2016

    Invalid dump means no questions from dump appear on exam? do you remember any question?

  13. Haneen
    March 8th, 2016

    the whole wireless pool have been changed , no website have the correct ump currently , even CCNA wireless exam code has been changed from 640-722 to 200-355

    don’t buy and dump , all are invalid

  14. Leif
    March 8th, 2016

    Debug with Astools, debug missing RFID, if AP chooses WLC with most percent licenses free or absolute, Location Accuracy tool, Where is the CAS license installed, which are the different alarm levels on WCS.

    If anyone has any other to add, please do so.

  15. Leif
    March 8th, 2016

    The problem is that none of this is in the Quick Guide. Has anyone any clue of some more recent study material?

  16. Haneen
    March 8th, 2016

    @Leif ,

    i do have about 50 questions , i will share them once am home , am in work right now

  17. Paul
    March 8th, 2016

    Hi team – I think its a big mistake wasting money/time trying to find the questions.
    Few months ago I did the CCNA Wireless 200-355 and all questions were changed. I failed the first time, but I passed the exam studying again and remembering the questions. Questions do not change between exams, so try to memorize all questions as possible and recheck the items using official material.
    Do not believe in web sites where they are telling Updated March 8, 2016… its fake!
    Its better waste your money buying the Cisco material and do not give your money to fake websites. I have schedule the exam in two weeks, I will be back with some tips… maybe it helps to know where topic you need to put your attention.
    If somebody took the exam, this blog will be very graceful if you share tips or questions.

  18. Haneen
    March 8th, 2016

    @Paul ,

    I have studied the quick guide and the IPexpert videos and also failed , there were about 8-10 questions from outside the material .

    for CCNP wireless there is no material , i have checked this internally with many people from Cisco , there is no specific material , you need to study everything , config guide and tech notes .

    that’s why we buy the dumps , we did already our job , but Cisco exams are not that easy to pass , sometimes you need to answer just like the one in the dump even if wrong!!

    anyway , good luck for all

  19. Paul
    March 8th, 2016

    @Haneen – do you remember some questions or topic where the exam is focused?

  20. Leif
    March 9th, 2016

    What do you say about this one? I would say CE. Or is it CD on the real test also?

    Which two statements describe WGB access to a Cisco Unified Wireless Network that is running code (Choose two.)

    A. Only Cisco WGB or universal WGB is supported.
    B. WGBs other than Cisco are supported with Layer 3 roaming.
    C. WGBs other than Cisco are supported with Layer 2 roaming.
    D. Cisco WGB devices are supported with VLAN tagging.
    E. Cisco WGB devices are supported only with a single native VLAN.

    Answer: CD

  21. Leif
    March 9th, 2016

    And this one. I’d say CE. What is a LAGP? A WLC doesn’t negotiate LAG. Or is this one also CF on the real test?

    Which two statements describe the software v7.0 implementation of LAG on a Cisco controller?
    (Choose two.)

    A. It is supported on Cisco WLC 2500.
    B. It is supported on the Cisco FlexConnect 7500 controller.
    C. Fewer IP addresses are required.
    D. The LAG port becomes port 15.
    E. The LAG port becomes port 29.
    F. The switch channel group negotiates with LAGP.
    G. The switch channel group negotiates with PaGP.

    Answer: CF

  22. Haneen
    March 9th, 2016


    exactly , i would answer it CE bot on dump it’s CF

  23. Paul
    March 9th, 2016

    @Leif – regarding WGB, AD should be correct answer.

    Regarding LAG, CE are correct.

    @Haneen, have you some questions from current exam? Maybe some questions that you remember?

  24. Haneen
    March 9th, 2016

    @Paul ,

    yes do have them , i will share those by today , sorry yesterday i didn’t had the chance to share them

  25. Haneen
    March 9th, 2016

    Hi all ,

    here are the questions i do remember from my last trial ( 15/ January 2016)

    from actualtest 164Q dump the following were in the exam :
    Q6 , Q52 ,Q22 , Q25 , Q28 , Q36 , Q53, Q54 ,Q124, Q130, Q135, Q138,Q140 ,Q141, Q143, Q146, Q152,Q157,Q158,Q16,Q161,Q162,Q148,Q153

    Q : what is the recommended maximum height of the antenna ? 20 m

    Q :from where to do MSE password recovery ? MSE cli

    Q: when use autonomus migration template on WCS , what will be needed on the autonomous AP ? i answered SNMP r/w community

    Q:when use fingerprinting method , which is the least cost , easiest lateration to use?

    the options were :TDOA , cell of origin , VOR , )

    Q:why we have 20% bonus for active mesh parent ?
    A:to avoid link flapping

    Q:when audit and config group enforcement failed , what alarm severity will be ?

    critical or major or minor or warning ?

    Q: what is the antenna type used for location services ?

    options were : ( DAS, Hybrid , internal , yagi . )

    Q :what needs to be the same for seamless roaming ?
    A:mobility group , virtual interface ip , multicast ip )

    Q:WAN limitations for Hreap ?
    A:you must create hreap group for seamless roaming

    Q:after issuing show rfid summary , tag wasn’t there , what two commands to check why ?
    i answered debug rfid and show rfid config

    Q:what is this command used for :config mesh astools?


    Q:if i want an AP to join WLC in same mgroup as the current WLC what is the minimum configs needed ?

    Q:maximum number of virtual domains in WCS?

    Q:the license needed for MSE client tracking based on RSSI and tags ?
    A:context aware license

    Q:what is WCS report used to check worst SNR in mesh link ?

    there were 3 different questions for WGB i can’t remember :(

    Q:the num of rogue APs is consuming the MSE license of context aware elements , how to fix that without removing location of rogues?

    i answered tracking parameters and history parameters

    Q:how to check nmsp status for switch ?

    i answered sjow nmsp status and show nmsp subscription

    Q:when RTLS is used ?

    Q:what encryption used for mesh link ?

    Q:what are the operations have most affect on MSE and WCS cpu ?

    i answered data base backup and restore

    Q:in dense environment there is interference for location deployment , how to fix ?

    add monitor mode APs

    Q:if orphan AP trying to jojn WLC which WLC it will choose?
    A: the least percentage of associated APs/capacity

    Q:how to troubleshoot AP join ?

    i answered ping from WLC , debig dhcp ip

    Q:AAA server has issues with client authentication , how to fix ?

    i answered increase eap identity request timeout

  26. GH123
    March 14th, 2016


  27. 802.11
    March 17th, 2016

    Any update on new questions?

  28. Budong
    March 17th, 2016

    failed today with ~760 :(

    2 questions i´d add to Haneen´s list that i remember

    what is config mesh astool doing -> antistranding
    low accuracy tool wcs -> wait 2 min on a spot, stop, go to the next stop and wait 1 min before you start again

  29. Haneen
    March 17th, 2016

    Hello ppl ,

    seems there are updated questions from passleader for all the CCNP exams except 642-747 :(

    my friend just passed 642-742 and 642-732 using the updated new questions .

    does any one heard anything about the 642-747 updates ?

  30. David SS
    March 18th, 2016

    @ Hanneer

    Have you (or your friend) the updated new questions for 642-742 and 642-732 ?

    Please, send me.

    schezdavid-vce @ yahoo.es

  31. nour
    March 28th, 2016

    @ all please any one have a valid dumps ….. nshazgui @ ebttikar . com thks for all i have a valid dumps 742-732 passed today 28\3 \2016 ;;;;

  32. Leif
    April 1st, 2016

    I bought the 179 and still failed. At least 10 questions not in the dump.

  33. David SS
    April 7th, 2016

    hi Leif,
    can you please share the dump. thanks
    repartidor AT yahoo . es

  34. Anonymous
    April 21st, 2016

    anyone found any new dumps?
    I will also be interested if anyone found any official training practice exams as well

  35. DY
    May 13th, 2016

    Hi, could i get copy of the 179 dump please? Many thanks

    darreny @ live.co.uk

  36. jj
    May 15th, 2016


  37. Shankar
    May 17th, 2016

    Hi All,

    Can someone please share latest valid dumps. I am ready to pay, if in case.
    Please help.

    Shankar R
    +91 8095232312
    rshankar36 @ gmail . com

  38. Pipe
    May 17th, 2016


    No updated dumps .

    The file PassLeader of 179Q by what is said is not valid until you update with new questions. The other exams ( 642-742 or 642-737 ) A demo of the new pool of questions were published.

    we have to wait.

  39. Shankar
    May 19th, 2016

    @Pipe – Thank you for the honest reply.

    Let me know, if you get any.

  40. Richard
    May 24th, 2016

    Can any one please share study guide for 642-747 who ever passed the test.

  41. Groo
    May 24th, 2016

    Hello Richard. I have the study guide. Please share a email e i will send it.

  42. LL Boo
    May 24th, 2016

    hi Team,
    i have passed 642-742 and 642-737 exams using the lead2pass dumps. they valid. i am willing to exchange them with someone who can buy the 642-747 lead2pass exam. i already paid for those exams and they new. this exam is 100 dollars. or i can give u my email address and u send me cash via paypal so i can buy the exam and share the other 2 exams for free.

  43. LL Boo
    May 24th, 2016

    sorry guys didn’t include my email on the last post. mogax @ webmail.co.za

  44. Haneen
    May 25th, 2016

    hello LL Boo ,

    actually lead2pass dump for 642-747 is not valid , it is the same one as pass leader dump

    let us wait until a valid dump become available

  45. Richard
    May 25th, 2016

    @Groo, tablik @ yahoo . com. Approciate your generosity.

  46. Groo
    May 26th, 2016

    Richard, i send a email with link to the study guide.

  47. frankilampard
    May 26th, 2016

    hi all, actually examcollection tests, passleader, pass4sure, testking, etc are not valid for 747

    and apparently all portals indicated sending an update, so I recommend you wait to do it in June

  48. Haneen
    June 2nd, 2016

    @frankilampard , may i ask you why to do it on June ? i mean did you hear any thing that valid dumps will be available in June?

  49. frankilampard
    June 6th, 2016

    in various portals (unnamed) the dumps are not valid, due as there will have to be patient.

    do not pay in any web test do you lost money.
    please talk to me inbox {email not allowed}

  50. Groo
    June 6th, 2016

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